And if right now you want to lie in your room and cry because you didn’t get your grades then that’s okay, but make sure at some point that you get up, and you wipe off your face, and you feel like a pimp and brush your shoulders off. Because it’s the end of one world, but it’s not the end of all the worlds. And it’s the beginning of this new so far unimagined world, full of excitement and possibility and maybe even dinosaurs. And you know what? You just might like it.
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We Are Nothing (And That Is Beautiful): Alok Vaid-Menon at TEDxMiddlebury

Full text by Alok Vaid-Menon can be found here.

"The key to changing the world is finding a way to fail to live up to its expectations." Alok Vaid-Menon

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Left ear: The Vamps

Right ear: One Direction


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They should teach self-love in school.
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If you do the work you’ll see the results.

Can you spare four minutes for a fun Zumba dance? :)

◄ 2k13 retrospect || some super rad tunes that were the soundtrack to my year || {8tracks}

i. lies by deap vally // ii. mind mischief by tame impala // iii. wraith by peace // iv. demon to lean on by wavves // v. you’ve got it all wrong by drowners // vi. falling by haim // vii. all the time by the strokes // viii. give up by miles kane // ix. seen it all by jake bugg // x. sacrilege by yeah yeah yeahs // xi. dark paradise by lana del rey // xii. bad mood by the vaccines // xiii. diane young by vampire weekend // xiv. burning desire by lana del rey // xv. follow baby by peace // xvi. afraid of heights by wavves // xvii. alien days by mgmt // xviii. late night by foals // xix. we found love by palma violets // xx. ya hey by vampire weekend // xxi. she changes the weather by swim deep // xxii. tennis court by lorde // xxiii. it all feels right by washed out // xxiv. do i wanna know? by arctic monkeys // xxv. dead in your head by bleached // xxvi. bad habit by foals // xxvii. king city by swim deep // xxviii. melody calling by the vaccines // xxix. stop the world (i wanna get off with you) by arctic monkeys // xxx. sex by the 1975 // xxxi. team by lorde // xxxii. what doesn’t kill you by jake bugg // xxxiii. luv, hold me down by drowners // xxxiv. girls by the 1975 ►


Check out this lovely ladies’ YouTube channel! She has a fun personality and is full of positivity! 

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Steamed Tofu and Kale Dumplings / Recipe

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Things to remember when you want to say “no,” assert yourself, and ask for what you want


  1. If I say “no” to someone and they get angry, this does not mean I should have said “yes.”
  2. Saying “no” does not make me selfish.
  3. Although I want to please the people I care about, I do not have to please them all the time.
  4. It is okay to want or need something from someone else. 
  5. My wants and needs are just as important as those of anyone else.
  6. I have the right to assert myself, even if I may inconvenience others.

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